A community pharmacy is more than just a place to get medicines. They can provide several health and well-being services that used to only be available at GP surgeries. Many pharmacies offer help and advice on a walk-in basis, giving people a convenient and efficient option for managing their health.

Which NHS Services Does My Pharmacy Offer?

Each pharmacy is different in what they will offer as part of their services to their local community. However, as part of their contract with the NHS and NHS Business Services Authority, all community pharmacies must provide basic essential services. Essential services include:

  • Dispensing medications
  • Dispensing medical appliances
  • Information about medicines
  • Medicine support
  • Disposal of surplus or unwanted medicines
  • Disposal of medical appliances
  • Advice on minor ailments
  • Healthy living advice
  • Birth control services

Beyond essential services, community pharmacies can opt to provide NHS online services as well as more comprehensive services, known as advanced services. You will need to check with your local pharmacy to see which of these services they have elected to provide.

Advanced services are available to all community pharmacies and are nationally set and specified. Pharmacies that want to offer advanced services must meet certain requirements to provide advanced pharmacy services. These services can include:

  • Flu vaccination
  • Emergency medicine supply
  • New Medicine Service
  • Minor illness needs

In addition to these nationally set services, private pharmacies like ours can elect to provide private services like travel advice, vaccines not routinely available on the NHS, blood testing, and another diagnostic testing.

To find a pharmacy with the NHS service you need, you can use the service finder on the NHS website. There, you can find your nearest location for services like pharmacies, urgent care services, sexual health, and pregnancy services, and even dental care.

NHS and Private Pharmacy Services from West Chemist

We are an accredited community pharmacy dedicated to the health of our local population. West Chemist works closely with the NHS to provide essential services as well as more comprehensive services to better suit the needs of our community.

From prescriptions to health advice to blood testing to vaccinations, many of your health needs can be covered by West Chemist. To see the full range of free and affordable private services we offer, continue exploring our website or book your appointment online.

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