World Population Day is an annual event dedicated to bringing awareness to issues we face due to global population issues. For context, the world population in 1900 was a mere 2 billion. Many western countries had a post-war ‘baby boom’ but even taking this into consideration, the population was only 3 billion by 1960. This number doubled in the year 2000 and this year we’re set to hit a record 8 billion people.

Rises in population contribute to climate change, poverty, and other cultural and socioeconomic issues. World Population Day shines a light on these issues and attempts to find ways to slow down this growth.

The global population has partly been due to us living longer than ever because of advances in healthcare and infrastructure. While birth rates in developed nations are declining, developing countries still record high numbers of birth despite having higher infant mortality rates. Lack of access to birth control and proper healthcare are two major factors to population growth in developing countries.

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Types of Emergency Contraception in the UK

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An IUD is a small device that’s inserted into your uterus by a healthcare professional. It can be effective against an unwanted pregnancy for up to 5 days after sex. Unlike the emergency contraceptive pills, an IUD can remain in place as a permanent form of birth control.

How to Get Emergency Contraception Online

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