People in the UK often don’t now how lucky they are to live in a place with few endemic diseases. In addition to our location, advances in infrastructure and medicine have eradicated many serious illnesses that once plagued our nation. Unfortunately, many of these diseases are still widespread in parts of the world including popular tourist hotspots.

Travelling abroad significantly raises your risk of experiencing foreign illnesses and travel related illnesses. After spending so much time and money planning the perfect getaway, the last thing you want is to spend your holiday sick in bed or admitted to hospital.

You can prevent many of these illnesses with basic personal care and hygiene practices. Others can be easily prevented with vaccinations. Travel vaccinations are rarely available on the NHS so you’ll have to attend a private location like West Chemist’s travel vaccination clinic in Northampton.

West Chemist’s Travel Vaccination Clinic in Northampton

Our highly trained travel specialists can prepare you for your upcoming trip. As a full-service travel clinic in Northampton, we can provide you with so much more than just vaccinations. After reviewing your itinerary, we can advise you on topics like how to stay safe at your destination, any precautions you should take, and medications you may need.

If you need any vaccinations, we can administer them and provide you with a Fit to Travel certificate if you need any. Vaccination requirements are subject to change so you should always check government websites for the latest information on travel vaccinations and requirements.

You should try to book an appointment at least 6-8 weeks before your departure date in case your vaccines need time to take effect, or you need multiple doses. However, we can still try to accommodate last minute travel.

Covid Travel Clinics in Northampton  

Covid restrictions aren’t as strict as they used to be, and you’re not always required to have proof of a negative covid test. However, there still may be situations where you need to take a test or have proof of a negative test before or after you travel. West Chemist can carry out fast and reliable antigen tests as well as same day results PCR tests in Northampton.

Whatever your needs are for your upcoming travels, West Chemist can help. Click here to book an appointment online at our travel clinic so you can travel with peace of mind.