Even if you’re a frequent traveller, travel clinics can provide you with valuable information, advice, and vaccinations to keep you safe abroad. Our bodies are well adapted to the regions we live in, building up immunity and tolerance against local viruses and illnesses. This immunity can often do little to protect us against foreign bugs and viruses that we aren’t usually exposed to.

Many popular travel destinations are hotspots for potentially serious illnesses, many of which have no cure. However, several of these diseases do have proven vaccines available. Travel vaccines are not routinely available on the NHS and can only be obtained privately through services like those at West Chemist’s travel vaccination clinic in Northampton.

Travel Vaccinations: Do I Need Them?

One way to find out whether you need specific travel vaccinations is by discussing your itinerary with the knowledgeable staff at a travel clinic. After reviewing your plans, they can provide you with comprehensive information about potential dangers and how to avoid them. They can also advise on which vaccinations are required or recommended for where you’ll be travelling.

We’re used to a certain level of medical care here in the UK, but this same level of care isn’t always available abroad. Depending on where you’re going to be during your travels, you may not have immediate access to the appropriate medical facilities if you become seriously ill. This is why prevention is key to staying healthy overseas.

There are several highly effective vaccines available for travellers and many of them provide life-long protection. Examples of travel vaccines include yellow fever, hepatitis B, rabies, and Japanese encephalitis. While no vaccine is 100% effective, if you do become infected you will be far less ill than you would be if you were unvaccinated. You’ll also be far less likely to experience serious complications.

It’s important to remember that some vaccinations require multiple doses or need to be in your system for a specific amount of time before they’re effective. You should book your travel clinic appointment as soon as possible, with 8 weeks being the recommended timeframe. If you’re going to be travelling last minute, our travel clinic in Northampton can still help.

Other Travel Clinic Services

In addition to travel vaccines, we can give advice about other immunizations like covid-19, pneumonia, and the flu. These illnesses are often overlooked in favour of vaccines for exotic illnesses but are just as important to keeping you from becoming ill during your travels.

Another important service travel clinics provide are medicines and supplies you may need. It’s hard to remember to pack everything you need and while many items can be bought when you arrive, others may be harder to source. Our travel specialists can recommend over the counter medications, travel specific medications, and other supplies that can be useful like insect repellent and mosquito netting.

Travel clinic staff work with travellers every day and have special insight beyond travel vaccinations. They are a vital resource for people planning to travel abroad because they can give you practical information and advice beyond medicine. For the most accurate and useful information, be sure to bring a detailed itinerary to your travel clinic appointment.

The clinicians at a travel clinic can provide you with vital information about the risks for where you’ll be travelling and how to stay safe. This can include food and water safety, preventing bug bites, and how to travel safely if you have certain health conditions. After your appointment, you’ll be guaranteed to have all the tools you need for peace of mind during your trip.

Travel Vaccinations in Northampton

Book an appointment with the experts at West Chemist before your next big trip. Our highly rated travel clinic in Northampton can provide you with the resources you need to fully enjoy your travels. To find out more about our travel services, you can visit us in person or book an appointment online.