What You Need to Know About Blood Testing at West Chemist

At West Chemist Pharmacy, we offer blood testing in the UK at affordable prices with timely results in our Northampton branch.

We offer in-store Blood Testing to help you stay in control of your health. West Chemist is thrilled to offer this service to our customers. Blood testing offers an insight into your health that can help you stay healthy. Prevention is always better than cure!

Blood tests allow you to take control of your health. By understanding your health markers, you can make informed and healthy lifestyle choices. You can gain reassurance and peace of mind when you know all of your blood levels are good.

Our blood testing service is also viable for NHS patients. If you have been given a blood test form by your doctor, you can get your blood test in Northampton. For your convenience, blood test booking can be done online.

Whatever your reason for wanting a blood test, you can rely on our safe and professional phlebotomy service at West Chemist pharmacy in Northampton.

Book blood test appointments online and choose from any of our Phlebotomy Services offered in the UK.

Blood Testing Clinic at West Chemist in Northampton

We offer a selection of blood tests that can help you improve your current health through informed lifestyle choices or diagnosing some conditions:

Vitamin deficiency screens, for example, Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D.

Allergy & patch testing, such as pet allergies or contact allergies for metals, perfumes, and other chemicals.

Drug screening

Cholesterol testing to monitor your LDL and HDL levels.

The cost of this service will depend on the chosen tests.

Our blood testing program also includes screenings for Thyroid, Diabetes, Iron, Liver Function, Kidney Function, and a full range of other general and specific health tests (as requested by your doctor).

The range of possible blood tests available is almost limitless. Is there a particular test you would like, such as a fertility panel or women’s wellness check? Please contact the pharmacy to see if we can arrange that particular test for you.

West Chemist blood test service also includes information and advice on our range of tests during your appointment. We are pleased to offer all of our customers our Blood Testing service at an affordable cost. Book your blood test online in Northampton or find the blood test near me.