We’ve all become familiar with covid-19 testing over the past 3 years. Sometimes we took them because of worrying symptoms and other times we took them as part of a plan to return to work or visit a vulnerable loved one. They were also essential to being able to travel when most countries, including the UK, had restrictions in place.

Covid-19 testing isn’t as common as it was even just a few months ago, but it’s still a vital service. Whether you need them for work, for travel, or for personal reasons, covid-19 testing is the best way to find out whether you have the virus.

The type of test you take will depend on what you need the test for and how fast you need the results. At West Chemist, you can obtain affordable and accurate same day antigen and PCR swab testing service in Northampton.

PCR Tests

A polymerase chain reaction test, or PCR test, is a highly reliable test for covid-19. A swab is used to get a sample from the nose and/or throat and is sent to a laboratory for testing. It can sometimes take a few days to get the results back unless you opt for a test like West Chemist’s same day PCR test in Northampton.

You’ll receive a positive result if the test detects the genetic material (RNA) of the coronavirus. A positive PCR test is usually correct since this test is so accurate. However, it is possible to get a false negative so if you are worried about your results, you can take another test.

Antigen Tests

Also called lateral flow tests, antigen tests involve a swab being inserted it your nose and throat to get a sample. This sample is then tested for specific proteins that are present when there is an active covid-19 infection.

Antigen tests are recommended for when you need results fast. Most antigen tests should provide results quickly, within 15-30 minutes. If you receive a positive lateral flow test you can trust this result as a certain level of proteins needs to be present to trigger a positive result.

Because such a high number of proteins are needed to detect an infection, you may not be able to trust a negative lateral flow test. You could still have covid-19, but not enough of the virus present to show up on an antigen test.

Fit for Travel Certificates

Some countries and travel companies still have restrictions in place for covid-19 so getting a Fit to Fly Certificate will ensure you won’t be caught out if you are required to show an official negative test result. A Covid-19 Fit to Fly Certificate is proof that you have recently tested negative for the coronavirus. It’s a certifiable letter confirming you took an independent covid-19 test and received a negative result. For it to be accepted, it will need to be endorsed by a doctor or medical professional.

When you need to take the test will depend on the requirements of where you plan to travel. Ensure you check your airline’s or destination’s most recent updates so you can get the appropriate certification.

Same Day Covid Testing Results in Northampton

If you need fast, safe, and reliable same day covid testing results in Northampton, contact West Chemist. We provide both PCR and Antigen tests for anyone wanting to check their covid-19 status or to obtain a same day results PCR test for travel in Northampton.

In addition to same day antigen tests in Northampton, we also provide same day and next day results for covid testing. Booking your appointment earlier in the day will better guarantee same day results, otherwise you’ll be able to get your results the following working day.

Whatever your needs, the pharmacists and staff at West Chemist are ready to help. Contact us directly or visit our online appointment portal to book a reliable PCR test or same day antigen test in Northampton.