With the widespread availability of the covid 19 vaccine and boosters, many countries have removed their restrictions. Some countries and regions, however, may still require proof of a negative covid test and/or proof of a recent vaccine. Requirements often change so before you travel you should check what’s required to get to your destination.

As of the writing of this, it is no longer required to take a covid 19 test when returning to the UK from abroad. It’s important to regularly monitor government and travel websites so that you can make the necessary preparations if any changes are put into place.

If you do need to get a test, there are two different tests used as standard: the PCR test and the Rapid Antigen Test.

PCR Test vs Rapid Antigen Test

PCR tests are considered the gold standard for covid 19 testing. To test for the presence of the virus, a nasopharyngeal sample is sent to a lab to test for the presence of the markers for covid 19. Because this test is more precise, it can detect lower levels of the virus and can often even detect a previous covid-19 infection.

A rapid antigen test, or a lateral flow test, uses lateral-flow technology to test for covid-19 and usually has resulted in under 30 minutes. The test looks for the proteins or antigens that are present in a person’s body when they are infected with covid-19.

 If you receive a positive lateral flow test result, you can trust that it’s correct. This is because a certain amount of the virus needs to be present to trigger a positive result in a rapid antigen test so if you receive a negative result, you may still have covid-19. With a PCR test, you can trust both a positive and negative result.

If you’re going to be traveling and need proof of a negative test or just want to take one for peace of mind, West Chemist can help. You can get a covid-19 antigen test and PCR test from West Chemist. We are also able to provide a Covid-19 Test for travel and a Fit to Fly test. Contact us or book your appointment online.

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