Covid-19 is often simply referred to as ‘the coronavirus,’ but covid-19 isn’t the first time humans have encountered a coronavirus disease. Coronaviruses are a group of RNA viruses that cause respiratory tract infections in both birds and mammals, including humans.

Coronaviruses in animals were first observed in animals in the 1920s and human cases didn’t start occurring until the 1960s. These viruses can range from mild to lethal, causing everything from a cold to covid-19. They’re named for how the virus appears when viewed under a microscope.

Why Is Covid-19 So Different?

Covid-19 is referred to as a ‘novel’ virus because it initially infected animals before being transmitted to humans, where it then became highly contagious from human to human across the globe. Our immune systems had never had to deal with this strain of virus before which is why it was so dangerous before vaccines were rolled out.

Because our bodies were so unprepared for covid-19, many local authorities had to spring into action and create a specific Communicable Disease Outbreak Plan to try to control the spread of the virus. 

Researchers believe that covid-19 is more contagious than other coronaviruses due to humans’ lack of immunity. This allows the virus to spread more quickly and to cause more damage to our bodies than other coronaviruses.  

Coronavirus Advice in 2022

Life has regained most of its pre-pandemic normalcy, but covid-19 hasn’t gone away. However, thanks to the effective vaccine and boosters, the virus isn’t as dangerous as it once was for most of the population.

It’s still worth taking precautions, especially if you are someone at risk of covid-19 complications or spend time around people at risk. Some businesses, care homes, and travel destinations will require that you provide proof of a negative covid test before you are admitted.

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